Microsoft is Working on a New Browser for Windows 10

Windows 10 Logo
Recently, there is a report that Microsoft is working on a new browser for its upcoming Windows 10 Operating System codenamed Spartan and it will come with some new features that are seen in the other browsers today.

As reported by TheVerge, One of the key features is Spartan browser is there would be the ability to annotable a webpage with a stylus, then send notes and annotations to others, this service will come powered by OneDrive Cloud Storage. This means users can simply doodle on a web page and share it to the others, this also means that the notes will be stored on a copy of the web page and accessed by other browsers from other platforms.

Also there will be a feature like a group tabs that will avoid messy multiple browser tabs. Spartan will also have features that split up between your personal tabs and work tabs. Spartan future updates may also bring custom themes.

Further report that the Spartan browsers will have a Microsoft digital assistant, Cortana. With Cortana, every information about flights, package tracking, hotel bookings, and other that use the traditional address bar will provide automatically by Cortana. To access Cortana, search directly from the new tab interface in Spartan.

Latest report revealed this new Spartan browser will be based on Microsoft's Chakra JavaScript Engine and with Trident renderng engine.

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