ODROID-C1 : Low Price, High Quality Quad Core Computer only for 35$ !

ODROID-C1 a Low Price, but a High Quality Quad Core mini Computer only for 35$ by HardKernel ! 

Don't put up with the slow single core computer anymore because there is ODROID-C1 a powerful ARM devices with ultra low cost and it's available for only $35 !, ODROID-C1 is called as a as a replacement for the Raspberry Pi. The ODROID-C1 has many advantages, it has processor S805 1.5 Quad-core Amlogic ARM® Cortex®-A5(ARMv7) 1.5Ghz quad core CPUs, 1GB of RAM, It has 2x ARM Mali 450 MP2 GPU @ 600MHz.
The ODROID-C1 ships with microSD card slot that support 8GB and 16GB UHS-1 cards that are said to be accessible at double speed than a standar flash card. There is an optinal eMMC storage modules socket for even faster access, eMMC is stated as an alternative to microSD.

ODROID-C1 Bottom
The size is nearly the same size as a Raspberry Pi, Size of ODROID-C1 is about 3.35" x 2.2", but ODROID-C1 offers more faster CPU performace. Now, the ODROID project is once again it's sight for the Raspberry Pi users with an almost compatible expansion connector. You need to provide your own storage because the ODROID-C1 doesn't come with any storage, also WiFi and Bluetooth you will need to connect a USB dongle just like on the Raspberry Pi. For some futher information here is the comparison table between ODROID-C1 and Raspberry Pi Model B + :

Odroid-C1RPi Model B+
CPUAmlogic S805 SoC 4 x ARM Cortex-A5 1.5 GHz ARMv7 Architecture @28nm waferBroadcom BCM2835 1x ARM11 ARMv6 core @ 700MHz ARMv6 Archiceture @40nm wafer
GPU2x ARM Mali 450MP @ 600MHz1x VideoCore IV @ 250MHz
RAM1GB 32bit DDR3 792 MHz512MB32bit LP-DDR2 400MHz
Flash storagemicroSD UHS-1@100Mhz/SDR50 or eMMC storage optionmicroSD @50MHz/SDR25, without eMMC storage option
USB2.0 Host4 ports4 ports
USB2.0 Device/OTG1 port for linux USB gadget drivernone
Ethernet10/100/1000 Mbps10/100 Mbps
Video outHDMIHDMI and Composite RCA
Audio outHDMIHDMI / 3.5mm jack
Camera InputUSB 720pMIPI CSI 1080p
40-pin I/O expansion40-pin (GPIO/UART/SPI/I2C/ADC)40-pin (GPIO/UART/SPI/I2C/I2S)
Dimensions85 x 56mm85 x 56mm
Weight40g (1.41 oz)42g (1.48 oz)

ODROID-C1 is the first Odroid board that based from Cortex-A5, Four cores of Cortext-A5 is much
faster than the RPi's 700MHz ARM11-based BCM2835, as indicated by the benchmarks which show a 8x advantage over the Raspberry Pi. The program that uses to benchmark is a popular benchmark tools called Unix-Bench (5.1.3).

Hardware Details Video for ODROID-C1

The RPi was clocked at 800MHz using Sandisk UHS-1 8GB SDCard running on the Debian Wheezy OS. The ODROID-C1 was clocked at 1.5GHz using 16GB eMMC. Here is the Benchmark result Comparison Table :

Benchmarks(Index Score)RPi Model B+ODROID-C1Ratio
Dhrystone-2 using register variables162.11262.87.8
Double-Precision Whetstone56.2439.67.8
Execl Throughput61.6489.47.9
File Copy 4K bufsize, 8000 maxblocks187.9778.44.1
Pipe Throughput164.1610.43.7
Pipe-based Context Switching62.7467.07.4
Process Creation68.2371.85.5
Shell Scripts (1 concurrent)117.2874.47.5
Shell Scripts (8 concurrent)106.2853.88.0
System Call Overhead290.51999.76.9
Total Index Score109.8622.35.7

The result is ODROID is 8 times faster that the Raspberry Pi !

Some of a video that test the ODROID-C1 :

Performance Test 

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