Zalman ZM-K500 a Gaming Mechanical Keyboard only for 57,54 $ !

Zalman ZM-K500 Another Recommended Cheap Gaming Mechanical Keyboard !

Zalman ZM-K500 top view
Zalman ZM-K500 top view
Zalman ZM-K500 is an Gaming Mechmanical Keyboard that does not use MX switches from Cherry, and a much cheaper mechanical keyboard. The Zalman ZM-K500 is a very good looking keyboard that comes with a size that is handy for traveling. This Keyboard doesn't give you a wrist rest, also there is no pipe key or backslash.

Zalman ZM-K500 Switches
Kaith switches

Zalman ZM-K500 also comes with 5 multimedia keys to help improved the functionality of this keyboard a liitle bit. Like the title said the price is just around 57,54 $, one of the ways to manages why it's be so cheap is by not using the popular Cherry MX switches, and instead of using the mechanical switches from Kailh.

Zalman ZM-K500 5 Multimedia Keys
5 Multimedia Keys
From some other review of Zalman ZM-K500, we got that this keyboard looks and feels great and it reasonably quiet (no clicks), Zalman ZM-K500 comes with Compact and Ergonomic design and with high Quality linear type switch, also it comes with Ultra durable laser carved key cap and The lifetime is around 20 million times key life.

Zalman ZM-K500 side view

Specification :

Key Number92ea
Dimensions352 x 169 x 36mm
Cable Length1.5M
Actuation Force50g
Key Life
20 Million Times

Video :
Zalman ZM-K500 Unboxing 1

Zalman ZM-K500 Unboxing 1

Zalman ZM-K500 Test


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